TYRANT, by R. Garner

Poison dribbles from your lipsInfecting mind and soulYou lounge upon your gilded throneWhile I slave beneath your load Seductively you purr“No one can help you now”“No one will understand”While I bend beneath your weight Your toxic words haunt my sleepTwisting dream to nightmareNo peace from your corruptionWhile I strain beneath your task Your laughter fillsContinue reading TYRANT, by R. Garner

DON’T WAIT, by Anonymous

“Don’t wait” A boy stands unnoticed at the back of the crowd,And walks through the hallways with his head held down.You can see the cuts, the bruises, the pain and the hurt,But you just watch him pass by with his face covered in dirt. You want so bad to help, but you’re just too scared.YouContinue reading DON’T WAIT, by Anonymous

CARS, by Jessica Scicchigno

I watch these cars zip bywhite, black, brown, only somecolors and sizes of all kindssome are smallsome are bigwith varying gas tanksI watchold, new, damaged and bruisedpass by meRight as time ticks on bynow I look at mineand wonderhow much timeuntil I drive. ~Cars, by Jessica Scicchigno“Cars represent our lifestyles; some people need SUVs, someContinue reading CARS, by Jessica Scicchigno

MANIPULATE, by Jordon Giroux

You hear me yellYou hear me screamAll this painIs what it seems The tearsThe scarsAnd all the bloodAre just woundsLike oceans flood You whipYou slashYou break the bonesJust like thatOf a broken home You take the pleasureFrom my painThat causes smilesFor your own gain But here I amStanding strongAnd all this hurtIs but a songContinue reading MANIPULATE, by Jordon Giroux

SUICIDE, by Natalie

I’m hurtBy peopleThey don’t wanna admitThey did these things to meThat ruined my whole life I was leftOn the groundWith a broken armAnd a bleeding noseAfter maths When I got an AI had to be punishedBecause I was too smart They said I am a slutBecause they saw mewith a guySo they kicked me inContinue reading SUICIDE, by Natalie