6a8cb-michael-morones11 year old Michael Morones attempted suicide because he was repeatedly bullied at school for his love of My Little Pony. We believe that everyone should feel free to celebrate their passions, without fear of merciless teasing. As a show of support for Michael and his family, we collected and showcased artwork dedicated to him this page. Everyone was invited to contribute, and submissions could include visual art, writing, video, music, and any other format they chose to express a message of encouragement to Michael. All works collected for the page were printed in a hardbound book that was presented to Michael’s mom, Tiffany Morones-Suttle, at a You Will Rise benefit where money was raised to help cover his medical expenses.



~Wonder Viv, by Mr. VonB

“I have nothing profound to say, but I was also bullied really bad when I was younger and I too thought of suicide. I’m really glad now that I didn’t, I have a wonderful fiance that loves me and I realize that it would’ve destroyed my parents. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t stand up for myself when I was younger, don’t let my regret become yours. If anyone needs to talk, don’t be afraid to message me.”

~by Andy
“I am utterly heart broken over what this cold world did to you Michael. I feel like I let you down. You and I are kindred in many ways, above and beyond MLP. They were my favorite growing up too. I’m so sorry I didn’t do more to stop bullying back then in the late 90’s. If I had only done more, you may not be in the hospital. Please get better so you can come and visit my little pony.”

~by a. zampino
“Michael – There is such beauty in darkness. We need that darkness to define the edges of light, to feel the warmth on our faces when we turn to face it. There is a theory in art that explains “the darkest dark receives the lightest light.” It is in that contrast that gives dimension, gives form. You know the darkness, now. You know pain. And so, everywhere you go, you will see things in a way that people often miss. You will see true beauty in this world. You will see true sincerity, true love. Those that torment you so, they are damned to a two-dimensional existence. Not you, Michael. All great works come from a dark places, be it music, literature, art, film. You have been given a gift. Unwanted, but powerful all the same. And you will do amazing things because you have experienced such strife, how to live in light.”

~The Most Unlikely of Friends, by Scott R
“Michael, I’m currently residing in Montrose, Colorado, and I first heard about your predicament back in February. Normally I’d just send some money for any kind of project/charity, but stories about bullying, such as yours, hit a lot closer to home, given my experience with it earlier on. Growing up, I wasn’t exactly the ‘Butch’ type – I played cops and robbers with the rest of the boys, sure, but I sure didn’t mind hanging around for a tea party or two. When I was about your age, everyone noticed this, and none were very pleased about it. After a year of verbal harassmant and more than a handful of beatings in the sixth grade, I ended up being pulled out of the public school system for two years. During that time, I decided I wasn’t afraid of growing up. Because growing up means getting a job, a car, starting a family, et cetera, but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend good things aren’t still good. At this point in life, I’m a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic and I often draw/write about ponies and the magic of friendship, love, and tolerance, even though also I listen to heavy metal, play violent video games, and such. In fact, the drawing I submitted here is of a character from a series of short stories I’ve worked on for a few years now; Second Lieutenant Alex Fjøsne, a combat medic of the Aschengeisten, a special forces group from the post-apocalyptic Republic of East America, petting Octavia Melody (I was told that you play the violin – given her similar interest in string instruments, it seemed like an obvious choice). During basic training, word got out that Alex kept a collection of My Little Pony figurines in his footlocker, which he regularly added to so he could present it to his wife when the war was over. As soon as his senior drill instructor heard about it, he demanded to see them right away, not to reprimand Alex for it, but to applaud him for not being afraid of criticism, because the senior drill instructor had a collection of them too, for his daughter five states and a dozen worlds away. I submitted this because I want you to know that literally anyone, even someone as stereotypically masculine as an army ‘Joe’, is capable of enjoying My Little Pony, no matter how girly some might think it to be. In fact, a good few members of the ROTC program here, even the ones that’ll go on to eat nails and spit fire, are bronies. I understand what you’ve been through – like I said, I’ve been through the same things – and from here, it’ll only get better for you. Through your perseverance you’ve proven that you’re stronger than anyone or anything that’s tried to hurt you. Life won’t get easier, but when it becomes more difficult you’ll have the strength to overcome anything. ‘Here’s to today, slowing down, suspending judgment, and breast-strokes through chaos’.”

Michael the one and only
Know that you are not lonely
For us to be free
We all must see
It’s okay to like My Little Pony

Hang tough my man
~by Rusty S

~by Summer F
“My picture depicts Michael, his mom, and Pinkie Pie at a Pony Tones concert. Pinkie has Michael on her shoulders and he is very happy. So happy, in fact, that he is getting his cutie mark, a smiley face, because his goal in life is to be very happy. Behind him, his mom is crying tears of joy to see her son so happy.”

I also like My Little Pony. I am an adult and I don’t see a problem with expressing your likes for something. I don’t know why people have to act this way. I am praying for you and your family. I am praying for salvation for the bully’s. I pray for your full recovery, with God, all things are possible. Keep on hanging in there. God bless you and your family. I love you in Christ.
~by Anonymous

Dear Michael,
What I thought today? I thought the babies of the pigeons. I asked myself: have I ever seen them? The pigeon is a common bird. They exist nearly everywhere in nearly every city. We are so used to them that we almost stop to really notice them. But I have never seen the babies of the pigeons. Have you?
And have you ever seen the nest of a pigeon? I’ve seen it once and only in Paris. It was hardly a nest: just some tiny brunch fallen perhaps from the trees. I didn’t see any eggs, but the pigeon couple flew all the time around and into that nest. And one day, they were gone somewhere.
You see, think and feel something every moment. I try to imagine how the babies of the pigeons would look like. I may never see them in real life. But they do have their own life, and that little life is very important and precious. I think that it is very important and precious in every way. These all were my thoughts today.
~by Hanna-M

~Pinkie Pie for Michael, by Susan L
“I painted Pinkie Pie for you because I heard she is your favorite, and I wanted to send you something that would make you feel happy. I hope you get better soon. Michael, there are so many people who care, and I just really want you to know that. I was also bullied when I was around your age, and I know how much it hurts. It took me a long time to realize that the cruel things people say don’t matter, and that loving, accepting people will always outnumber the bullies in life. You are amazing just the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. And remember, no matter what, you are never alone.”

~by F.Damkar
“Dear Michael, know that you are NEVER alone in loving My Little Pony. It’s okay to love the show, and to love the things YOU enjoy. As long as they make you happy, as long as they are what make you laugh and cheer, it’s okay to love whatever you set your heart to like and that you have found many people who love the show as much as you do. I drew this artwork for you, to let you know that Pinkie Pie, Celestia and Philomena all want you to come to a party that they set up just for you so that you can laugh and cheer with them. Take care of yourself Michael and remember, you ARE loved.”

~by Connor ‘Radioactive’ L

~by Anonymous
Now is the time to add your testimony.

With stories of survival fill the news.
Encourage lovers of my little pony.

Enough of cruel taunts — too fat, too bony —
of pointing out faux faults tormentors choose.
Now is the time to add your testimony.

Enough of differences just baloney,
of labels, names, and titles that accuse.
Encourage lovers of my little pony.

Enough of ganging up with one more crony,
of meeting endless experts at abuse.
Now is the time to add your testimony.

Enough of hearing just be strong and stony,
of suffering in silence unseen bruise.
Encourage lovers of my little pony.

Declare the time is over for all phony.
Speak up that disrespect does not amuse.
Now is the time to add your testimony.
Encourage lovers of my little pony.

~Add your testimony, a villanelle against bullying, by Robert S
~Smile! by Kat G

“I just wanted to offer support for Michael and for everyone else who has had to deal with bullies making their lives miserable. I hope he’ll realize and remember that he is just as special and unique as the My Little Pony characters that he enjoys watching. Remember to take Pinkie Pie’s advice and smile! Life is never as bad as you might think it is in a moment of trouble. There might be a rainbow just around the corner.”


The party was more subdued than Pinkie’s parties usually were – there were still balloons and streamers everywhere, but the music was a little quieter (provided by a songbird choir), and the games a little less raucous. The treats, however, were as extravagant as always – the center of the party, a small brown colt with a violin cutie mark, smiled as he tried the cupcakes. His mother got his attention, and introduced him to a light pink mare with a bouncy mane and a balloon cutie mark. “Music Box, this is Pinkie Pie. She came all the way from Ponyville and organized this party for us, and she and her friends have been of so much help while you were in the hospital.” To Music’s surprise, the pink mare gave him a big hug with no further introductions.
“It’s nice to meet you. Well, while you’re awake – I saw you in the hospital,” she said as she ruffled his mane.
“You did?” Music Box asked, surprised. “Thank you for helping my parents,” he said softly.
“Oh yes, Pinkie helped organize a whole series of parties with raffles to help us pay bills and buy some of the things you needed,” his mother said with a smile.
“Twilight did most of the organizing,” Pinkie explained, modestly minimizing her part in the story. “And Rarity and Applejack donated the dresses and apple treats that were prizes …” Music Box was shocked – not only had this pony he didn’t even know come so see him, but she and all her friends had gone through so much trouble to help his family?
“You and your friends did all that?” he asked, amazed.
“Well not just that – Fluttershy trained her birds all week for this party, because she knew how much you like music, and Rainbow Dash … ooh I can’t spoil Dash’s part yet! But it’s big!” Just at the thought, the pink pony hopped around in joy.
“But … why?” Music asked, still stunned.
“Why? Because you needed it,” Pinkie answered, confused by the question. “When Twilight’s mom told her what had happened, we all wanted to help!” Seeing that the colt was still a bit confused, she gave him another hug. “Lots of people get bullied, Music Box, so we understood what you were going through. It’s never fun, but you have to learn to laugh even in the hard times,” the pink pony said sagely. “Now let’s party!”

Pinkie led Music Box to a place where several little ponies were playing pin the tail on the donkey. Music made a lot of new friends that night – so many people had come to wish him well – and had so much fun that he forgot how hard things were going to be for a little while. And at the very end of the night, they were all treated to the famous Sonic Rainboom courtesy of Rainbow Dash. It was a great party.

~A Get Well Party by Pinkie, by Jessica S

“Hi Michael! I hope that you are feeling well again soon. I named the character based on you Music Box because I have seen so many beautiful drawings in this project of a pony you with a violin cutie mark and I know you liked to play. It was hard to get it under five hundred words since I usually write longer stories and I barely made it in under the deadline but I was determined to do my part on this awesome project. I focused on Pinkie because I know she is your favorite. I’m a twenty-three year old woman, and I am more of a traditionally feminine person now but when I was little I was a super tomboy. When I was your age I loved a ton of “boyish” things – Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, superheroes, baseball – and no one picked on me for it. The fact that no one is bothered by tomboys but a word that isn’t perjorative doesn’t even exist for boys who like “girly” things makes me really angry. Hopefully one day society will get over that double standard, but in the meantime, you just keep your head held high. I still love superheroes and I am in an online group made mostly of men my age and a lot of them like My Little Pony too! I told them I was doing this and they wanted me to make sure that I tell you that the bronies of the Comic Book Issues Facebook group are on your side. No matter what anyone says, it is more than okay for a little boy or a grown man to like My Little Pony. It’s a super cute, positive, fun, creative show that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or gender. Did you know that the original creator of the first generation My Little Pony wanted the show to be for girls AND boys, but Hasbro insisted only girls like ponies? It’s true! She gave an interview recently where she said she is thrilled by how many boys enjoy the newest generation, and truthfully it didn’t even start with generation four. Even back in Generation 1, lots of little boys liked My Little Pony more than other “girly” shows because it was more exciting. Long story short – ignore those people who make fun of you. There’s nothing weird about liking My Little Pony, and never has been. Not to minimize what those kids who picked on you did or how much it hurt you, but kids your age are terrible. It’s sad but true. Most of them will probably grow up to be pretty okay people, and they’ll feel horrible for making you feel so bad, and maybe they already do. But I repeat, kids that age are horrible – you just have to ignore them until they stop being so awful. And the ones who don’t stop being awful are just … well, awful. They won’t be very happy in life because of their own awfulness and I actually feel kind of bad for them, and their words shouldn’t hurt you. I know that’s easier said than done, I know it hurts – but one day you’ll be glad to be through with it and look back and say “Why did I ever let those unkind words get me so down?” You seem like a wonderful, kind young man and I’m sure you are important to so many people, and will only be more important to more people as your life goes on. Just look at all the wonderful things people have made for you! I was never bullied for being a tomboy but I was bullied for other reasons when I was in middle school and high school. Sometimes I wanted to die. But then I went to college and met wonderful people and found out that I want to be a scientist – and if grad school works out I will help a lot of sick people get better. Even if it doesn’t, at least I tried, and I will find another way to help people. I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance to know my college friends or to chase my dream. It gets better, so much better. It seems trivial to say in comparison to the other things, but I think of all the movies and songs that I love that came out after the time I wanted to kill myself and I am so glad I didn’t miss them! I promise you will have favorite songs, favorite books, favorite movies that you will be glad you didn’t miss. I know you have a tough row to hoe, and I’ll never tell you it will be easy. But the important part is it will be worth it.”

~by Xavier, Gage, Caleb, Chance, & Tristan
~by Ariel H
~by Marcus V
~by Allisa
~by Anonymous
~by Shelby
~by Avery
~by Anonymous
~by Richie
~by Heather and Alex
~by Hailey
~by Cassia
~by Anna
~by Peyton
~by Mackenzie B
~by Robert C
~by Blain C
~by David

“Michael, Never let anypony tell you what you what you can and can’t like and keep you from something that brings you joy. Be yourself and be amazing, no matter what anyone says. And keep smiling. From a fellow pony fan”

~GET WELL SOON!!! by Dimitris G

~Pinkie Pie’s Visit, by Katherine Howard R
“When I read Michael’s story, my heart went out to him. I personally endured bullying for two years, and contemplated taking my life. I’m so sorry that he actually attempted to do so. If only he had been able to see that there are good people in the world, and that he is cherished. I support this project, and the movement to better educate schools on bullying. It has been amazing to see other talented individuals donating works for the cause. I can only hope that my piece will also bring Michael, and others like him, such joy and togetherness.”

Michael and all your loved ones, please know that others are concerned about you. I will be praying for you and your recovery in my daily prayers. if I knew your address I would add your name to our church’s prayer list. We have people who go into a certain room in our church and they have a list of all who others have requested prayer for and they would send you a card to let you know about their prayers. I know they would pray for you and that you not only recover but that your life gets happier every day…my wish for you.
~by Nancy E

~by Faith B
~by Harriet M
~by Sophia

“I’ve been bullied too, but not for liking ponies. I know the struggles, and it sucks. I hope things get better, and I hope my art can help your day get even just a little brighter! I threw in a motivational Dashie as an extra, too.”

~by Rose
~Soul Fire for Michael, by Carolyn P, from Melbourne, Australia
“Sent with much love and best wishes.”
~by Amethyst F

“Dear Michael,

Years ago, My Little Pony classic was one of my favorite shows. I also liked Rainbow Brite, The Smurfs, and sometimes even He Man. My friends and I still like Jem — totally outrageous! — and we were mostly lucky enough not to get in trouble with bullies for it.

My favorite really though, the thing I learned the most from, was a movie called The Last Unicorn. A unicorn hears rumors that she is the last one of her kind, so she decides to go out all by herself to try and find the others. It’s like MLP and Lord of the Rings at the same time!

But it’s a little bit sad, and a little bit scary, and a lotta bit gorgeous. Just like real life. I can’t tell you “it gets better” like a lot of people will, because that part is up to us: the world has always been a sad, scary, gorgeous, chaotic mess. And life has always been tricky. But it’s all worth it if you wade through the nasty people to find the right ones.

I’m writing to you right now from New Zealand, where I am visiting for a little bit, but I wouldn’t be here without those right people in my life.

When I was a little girl, my daddy, my favorite person, started using drugs, so instead of being a kid, I had to take care of him. My mom drank a lot of alcohol, so I used to skip school to go get her from work, or else I wouldn’t see her for a long time because she just wouldn’t come home. Sometimes I would come home to dad and he would have the entire house dark with only the tv on, and he would get mad if I turned the lights on.

We couldn’t afford new clothes, and sometimes we ran out of food and toothpaste and toilet paper and sometimes the heating got turned off.

When I was 8 I started saying I wanted to die.

But I didn’t. I wanted to not hurt anymore.

When I was 15 I went to the hospital about it because like I said, I didn’t really want to die, I wanted to not hurt anymore. They helped me a little. But what really helped was that while I was growing up, I was learning how to work things out. Sometimes too well, because kids aren’t supposed to have to take care of their parents. But since I was learning, I got good at dealing with great big scary things.

And once I grew up I started being able to decide who I was around and what people could do or say to me. We should be able to make those decisions to protect ourselves all the time, but it takes practice like anything else, and as kids sometimes we get stuck in a class with the wrong people or a house with the wrong people and we can’t just transfer or move away.

Once you can, it’s great. And that’s when you find the right people — they might be there already, but you figure it out easier when you can work things out for yourself. The wrong people want you to always just do what they want, and they try to bully you into making them look bigger. The right people love it when you do the right things for yourself and they want you both to make eachother bigger. Know what I mean?

So when I grew up, I didn’t stop meeting the wrong people ever. But now I can tell usually which people are making me bigger and which are trying to make me smaller, and I can put myself where I need to be.

Right now, I’m in New Zealand and it’s really pretty. I’ve gone to a museum and a cultural center and hot springs and I’ve been eating good food and helping take care of kids instead of sick parents! And I learned a word: the native people here, Maori, have a word for the people closest to you, your tribe, whether they’re blood family or not. It’s spelled whānau but it’s said “fannoh.” It’s like Ohana: Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

I got here, to New Zealand, because some of my whānau live here and want me to have nice things, so they invited me to visit. They flew me out here and I get hugs and friendship and I get to see and do new things. The best part is having the right people.

We are all cousins, little one. Kinda. We can all be whānau and make eachother bigger. I am so sorry somebody hurt you so bad, but it’s not your fault. And it’s not your fault it got to be too much for you to deal with. I’m so sorry you felt like you were alone — mean people are good at making you feel that way though, even if you do have a really nice family at home. It’s not your fault you felt alone. It’s not your fault that you were sad and scared and lonely and hurt.

You’re not in trouble.

You’re beautiful.

Come home and see what love everyone has showered on you. There are so many ponies and artists and everyone, and a little unicorn from a slightly more serious story, and we are from all over the world trying to keep you and your family growing bigger instead of smaller. You’re loved by the whole entire world, and not even just your own fandom, but across genre.

Hurt heals. Family is forever. You’re not alone.”

~Rooting for You! by T.K
“The many different shades of blue ultimately give the message of peace, tranquility, and health. This, and much more, I know you’ll have, Michael. Continue rising and being such a brave child, sweetheart, we’re all rooting for you.”
~Pinkie Pie and Michael, by Caitlin H
“I felt compelled to make this for Michael since I initially heard about him. I did some research and found out he likes to dance…he also loves Pinkie Pie because she seemingly shares his hyperactive nature. So Michael, this one is all for you Buddy! Enjoy!”

~by Alex (age 20) and Nicholas M (age 6)
“We hope you are doing well, Michael. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t like, ever.”

~by Lisa VanD (submitted by Carri M)

“They were lovingly created by a friend of Michael’s Nana (grandmother).”

~by Anonymous

“Michael, from the person who sent you this picture, and I do hope that one day you will be able to read this yourself Michael; No matter what, on the internet, in your life, anywhere you can think of there will be people to listen to your problems and comfort you. On DA I read journals from people who feel down, the middle amount of comments on those range in the 20’s, that is a lot of people coming to aid one person, and sometimes it’s best to just sit back and listen to music, talk to the people who you know will love you, no matter what. A bully only terrorizes because they want a reaction, so it may be best to ignore them, ignore their insults, their name calling, their trash, out of sight, out of mind. No matter what Michael, someone will be there for you to talk to, you mom and dad, your family, your friends, and the fans of anything your apart of. Your friends, your true, true friends will always accept you, no matter what, the ones that don’t accept you? Well they aren’t your friends, are they? Just remember, and I know this is the third time I have said this, someone, somewhere, will be there to talk to you, hear your problems, help you, someone will always be there for you, I promise this, yes I may be a complete stranger, but I know that there will always be someone for you to talk to.
Hope you get better Michael, and remember; when the day is cloudy, there will be sunshine tomorrow, when something bad happens, just around the corner will be something good, there will always be something good, look on the bright side, always look on the bright side, I tried illustrating that in the picture, the sky is cloudy, but something good is of screen, what is it? Only you can decide, maybe its friends? Home perhaps? Whatever it is, it is good, just remember, in even the darkest of times, there will be a light for you to reach out to. Once again, We All Hope You Get Better Michael.”

~Rainbow Dash, by Justin B
~by Brendan “Brendavid” M
~by Brandy M.
~by Sane
~by Stefania L
~by Bartholemew P

A Photo story I created with recently purchased Dash pony. There should never be shame in happiness, never shame in knowing what we enjoy, and Kids should NEVER EVER feel they should change their joys for Toys of any shape or color. Be PROUD to be a KID, play hard, imagine large and let creativity fly!”

~by Hannah J
~by Katie
~by Jesse
~by Angie

~Free Speech, by Case G

“I am a park ranger and art student in Arizona. When I first read Michael’s story, I was terribly saddened. Bullying became an important topic to me several years ago when I began noticing article after article in the news about young people ending their lives because of it. Of all these tragic stories I’ve read, I believe Michael is the youngest. As I type this, the painting is on display at my college’s student art show, where it is being shown with a caption calling for a national conversation to end bullying. It has already inspired numerous discussions among students, teachers, and other viewers. I hope this portrait of him with his favorite character encourages Michael as he travels his long path of recovery. We’re all pulling for him here and wish him the very best.”

For the precious ones who must stand on damaged ground,

Let them know that the guardians will be there to watch over,
And to ensure that everyone has the chance to speak,
Without the fear of reprisals or forced to run away,
In more than one way.

They must not run this marathon alone,
For many who stand tall have run this route many a time,
Only they are now wise enough to see the pettiness,
Of those who perpetrated these crimes,
They can lower the hurdles if the challenge becomes too much.

Wild horses trot,
And racing equines gallop,
If doesn’t matter what lives these fair creatures live,
The mares and stallions will keep guard of their foals.

Nooses are for criminals in olden times,
Not for children,
Don’t let trespassers take away that one thing,
Before we are given the chance to shine.

Twilight will always come between the day and night,
Don’t let the moon plunge you into eternal darkness,
Make sure the sun will rise in the morning,
Remember the best lights are your friends,
New and old.

No matter how hard life gets,
However painful and protracted,
There are always these things to get you through.
Laughter to dry up the tears,
Kindness to help you like many are helping you now,
Generosity to help those who have less, one day you may need it,
Loyalty to remember you have friends, even if you don’t know it yet,
Honesty to admit that we are only human.
~by James R

~by the Dragonvale W

“‘The dragonvale wiki is sorry for what happened, we all enjoy TV shows and different kinds of anime, and you should be allowed to like them too.’ ~Zero the Phantom Dragon

‘Yes, this is mission impossible, becoming possible, and stuff. I mean like, it got real. Like, it. Is. On! }:) oh yeah, I am getting fired up. Yeah, like, angry, and mischevious feelings combined into one. Its like you are about to be submerged into the room with the divine instrument of a plan! Its like, like….I dunno. But you are going to get something, and its gonna be real. Its like, uh, TOTALLY ON. And this kid, is like 20% cooler then all them bullies. And he is going to get, like, surprised! And it will be so uber duber amazing, like, even I am nervexcited. After that, he will be HONERED to be a brony! And it will be gorgeous, and, um…. yeah…. IT IS ON ~your dearest students er- student, Zazara, totally Zazara. Not us… uh…. ponies…. I mean….. we’re being totally honest! But really it was by gyjir______’ ~ZazaraOne
‘Get well soon, and remember to always be yourself!’ ~Wolfiethezwolf”

~Smile, smile, smile! by Briony (14 years old)
“Keep smiling Michael, for your family, the bronies, and the ponies.”
~by Isaiah P
~by Charlotte B
~Prancing Free, by Laura J. E
~by Justin L and the artists of Creative Foundations-Delaware, Ohio

“The work was a collaborative effort between myself and artists with developmental disabilities. I think for many of us, the individuals we serve, and even myself have been bullied by someone in our life at one time or another. Michael’s story was genuinely heartbreaking to read, even at times, causing me to tear up when I re-read or when I think too long about what Michael has been through…It hits particularly close to home for me as I have a two young children, one of which is a 3 year old boy who like My Little Pony and Jem and the Holograms. I can only hope for a better future for us all through raising awareness of the effects of bullying through projects such as You Will Rise. We look forward to spreading awareness and participating in the future.


Sending you a great big friendship hug
and a smile filled to the brim
with a barrel full of love

A wish that today may bring you great joy
all along the miles
as you are a magical boy

Hoping there are many moment to leave you feeling good inside
as your close your eyes and dream of pony filled sky’s

Someone as special as you
deserves life’s every luxury
for the happiness you bring each day
To people just like me
~Sweet Dreams, by Rose M

~Bronies and Pegasisters Rock, by Kaleigh

“Hey Michael! I heard you are going through a tough time, but I want you to know that it will always get better. Love ya Brony, from your Pegasister!”

~Rainbow Dash! Ready To Party?! by Anonymous
“Pinkie Pie is hosting another party and Rainbow Dash shows up to the door.”

~Black and White Pony, by Steven M

~Pinkie Pie, by Jessie S

When morning dawn ripens
troubles evaporate with the sunshiny smiles of a friend

Anguish and worries fly away just by being with the Pegasus pony
Soothing from within;With velvety muzzle warm and soft Fluttershy beacons

Soon a gentle melody is sung
setting a shimmering symphony of motion

Prancing in a day-dreamers field of silver clouds and dazzling rainbows
life is good when friends are together

Proudly show your strut dear one
as your days overflow with joy and magic
~by Terry Jade W

~by 1st Lt. Jeremy “Iron Pegasus” T

“Michael, My name is 1st Lieutenant Jeremy T of the United States Marine Corps. Many years ago, I was bullied for many things including, starting 2 years ago, for being a brony. What you are going through is hard. At times you will want to give up. I know because I have been there. I almost did. Two days before I planned to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge, I attended an airport open house, where I got to fly a real plane. Ten years ago, I almost made a fatal mistake. From that day forward, my goal has been to fly again and again. This passion made me a target for bullies, but I pushed on. Last year, I succeeded, and I am slated to command a brand new F-35 off of the USS America. You have a second chance. Find what makes you happy, and let it drive you. If anyone, even a doctor, tells you that you can’t do something, tell them to, and don’t tell your mother I said this, to put it where the sun doesn’t shine. If you set a goal, work towards it. Pursue it with all of your soul, because I assure you that there is a chance. The road will be difficult, but you don’t have to be a Marine to walk it. And you NEVER have to walk it alone.”

~by Jen F

“Creative Foundations offers alternative employment for individuals with developmental disabilities while giving them a chance to express themselves in a creative way and get paid for it. Our Town Studios gallery exhibits fine art, painting, drawings, hand painted ceramic tiles, and much more.”

~Bullied but not Beaten, by Casey
~by Thais
“Michael, i’not a religious person, but i really wish something very magical happens and makes you get better. The world needs us, Michael.”
~by Sierra
~by Jumpy
“I send well health to Michael and I hope that he will continue to ‘Keep Calm and Brony On.'”
~by kittydoseminecraft

“You are my muffin,my only muffin.You make me happy,when skys are Grey.You never know, Mich, how much I love you. Please…don’t take my muffin away…”

~by spiceypencil
“i just want to say how much i care about you. you don’t need to hurt yourself over peoples opinions. all us bronys want you to love what you love the most, if you love my little pony that’s fine with us because we know how you feel. please stay and believe in yourself. i believe in you. we all believe in you. spread your wings and show everyone who you really are.”
~by Josh
“I just wanted to say that you are not alone.”

~by Midnite Brite
“Hi there Michael. My name is Midnite Brite – I’m a unicorn mare who lives in Equestria. I heard you used to like to visit this world in your imagination, that you were teased and bullied for that, so bad you wanted to kill yourself. So bad that you tried to kill yourself. And that’s wrong. I suffer from something called depression – sometimes, I also feel like hurting myself. You’re not alone. And Michael, it does get better. My special talent is creativity, just like yours is music. I love writing and drawing, and I also like helping and inspiring people. This is a drawing I made of me, and you. The darkness we’re in is your coma, your sickness – and my magic is trying to light the way. Even when you’re in the deepest darkness, you can always look for me, and all of your friends, both human and pony alike. We’re right here for you. I’m singing a song to help you find your way back to the light. You’ll notice that my cutie mark is a paintbrush with wings – you might be asking why. That’s because my art lets me fly away from my problems, sometimes, just like I hope your violin does for you. The wings are black as a reminder that sometimes, even darkness is a blessing in disguise. We all love you, Michael. I hope you recover soon. Listen for our songs – for your parents’ voices, and for the hearts of all the people and ponies who are out here rooting for you. I know you’ll find your way back.”

~We’ll Be Counting Stars, by TheLightLeavesThee
“Don’t lose sight of those stars, and keep chasing your dreams bud. We’re all here for you.”

~Get Well Soon, by foxy couniuno
~by Wade H
~by James A. A

~by Mishi
“Come back to us fellow brony.”

~by Blue Strings aka Mikey M

“As a person who started getting into the show only a few months ago thanks to one of my best friends, no one has objected to my interest in My Little Pony yet. However, I believe that bullying is one of the worst realities people have to face, and as a brony, it frustrates me when I see things like this done to my fellow bronies – and to others who may seem “different.” In addition to being a brony, I was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Although I can’t say that I’ve been bullied for that, I know that there are others who are, and it’s wrong. Michael, I’m really thankful that you survived. My prayer is that you make a speedy recovery, and that you can “smile, smile, smile” again!!! I also pray that your story will not only be an example of the damage of bullying, but also a call for bronies to unite. ‘You’ll see that they can’t hurt you/Just laugh to make them disappear.’ – Pinkie Pie, Laughter Song”

~Michael Morones Support! by Charlotte T

“This is for you, buddy! You have all our support. We love you!”

~My 1990’s Lifeline, by Mario P, Columbus, OH
“This is my pager from the 1990’s and it was my way out of many situations. I would call a friend and have them page me so I could quickly remove myself from the hate I experienced in the 1990’s gay scene. It is a reminder of how much I struggled to fit into the gay scene & how many bullies I had to deal with in my own community. I am now a stronger person & happily married to my Hubby. It truly gets better.”
~by Ashley N. S

“Thought Michael might like this combination of the TMNT with the My Little Ponies… I love it myself”

~A Little Pony Name Equality, by Jordan P, from California

Once upon a time…… not so long ago lived a little pony name Equality.

Equality was a different kind of pony not in a bad way of course. But in a good way of course!
Equality was neither a boy nor a girl. For this Equality was made fun of by the mean donkeys and monkeys who don’t understand. For this, Equality was very sad and lonely.
(But don’t hate the donkeys and monkeys, for understanding is a hard thing to learn sometimes and takes a lot of patience). Equality learned of a magical land told by her/his parents where “friendship is magic!”
One day Equality asked his/her parents if she/he can go to this magical land, Equality’s parents said “Yes of course!”

So Equality went out on his/her new adventure, Equality walked the long journey to this land called Equestria. It was a scary and lonely journey for Equality, but she/he made it to the land call Equestia in the town of Ponyville. There Equality met Pinkie Pie.

“Hello there, I’m Pinkie Pie!” said Pinkie Pie in a very friendly and welcoming voice.

“Hello there I’m Equality!” said Equality with a very friendly smile that shined like the stars.

“Would you like to meet my other friends?” asked Pinkie Pie.

“Yes of course!” said Equality with great joy. Equality followed Pinkie Pie, she introduce Equality to her friends:

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and everyone else! Then Pinkie Pie had a very great and best idea ever. She said to her friends,
“Let’s throw a welcome party for our new best friend!” She jumped with joy like everyone else with great agreement!
All the Ponies and all the other Townsfolk creatures of Ponyville had lots of fun with their new best friend, Equality and of course live happily ever after with many new adventures and play time!

The End

To: Michael Morones and the Morones family I hope you enjoyed!

~by Anonymous

“I hope that this helps Michael feel the slightest bit better. I may not have had any problems with bullying, but I have seen what effects it can have. I feel that no one should be bullied for what show they watch.”

~by Rosa Evans-L and Alyssa P

Pony Team 1
crescent is a dancer and daughter of luna
light is a soldier
sky is a producer
lela is a fashionista and sister of rarity
Pony Team 2
flash is a cowboy and son of big macintosh
doodles is a juggler and daughter of pinkie pie
dash is a gamer
princess ruby is a crown maker and daughter of princess cadence”

~by Tiffany P
~by Edith B
~by avatargirls
~by Margaret
~by Meghan S
~by Karley G
~by Jamie
~by Kevin H
~by Sawk

“Hello Michael, my name is Sawk and I’m 14 years old. Always remember to love yourself and the things that make you special! Those are the reasons that we all love you! I want you to know that you aren’t alone in the world and that we’re all sending our love to you!”

~by Jessica P
~by Your Pegasister, Rose

“Michael, My name is Rose, and my friend told me all about how you were being bullied over your favorite show. I juat want you to know I’m just like you I get teased a lot. Mstly because I don’t dress look or act like a normal girl. I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers growing up. I played in trees and ran through mud puddles. While my sisters were playing with their hair and painting their nails, I was reading books and playing video games. I love to paint and to sing. I can also play the flute. I started playing back in 6th grade. I’m in my 20’s now, and the bullying never really went away. I just learned that I didn’t care anymore. I know the power words can have as long as you let them. Please Michael, let these words hold some power for you, and say them whenever you are dealing with mean people: “I am brave, I am strong. I am unique, I will go on.” Remember, they can not hurt you anymore. I’m guessing these children who bullied you didn’t think they were going to end up pushing you this far. I’m sure that by now they regret it all. When you wake up and go back to school they will not be able to do or say anything. One last little thing that may help you. The song Keep Holding On by Avril Lavinge. It’s a great inspirational song fr someone who feels they have no more strength. PS. I made the pic of my Ponysona Fireflash, and one I hope you think looks like you. Your Cutie Mark is a violin. I heard you love to play. I haven’t earned mine..yet. But you are inspiring me to keep moving forward until I get it!”

~Promise? by Shyview
~We’ll be waiting, Michael! by Button Smash

“I decided to make something for Michael when I had the time. I stated up till 5:00 AM just to make this for Michael, an inspiration of mine. I hope everything becomes great for him!”

~Friendship is our Magic, by Kaitlyn T

“Hey, Michael! Color this picture of Pinkie Pie in for me, would you? Feel better soon, buddy! You’re strong enough to handle anything!”

~by Kathy B
~Cradled in Kindness, by MirrorandImage
~Luna and Celestia, by Marissa W
~Child with Pony, by Dean J
pen & ink on paper, 2014
~by Jean C
“For Michael with wise words by Dr. Seuss…”
~by Brooke A
~by David “BatBlaster” L
~by Tiffi B

“This is Michael at the Welcome Home party Pinkie Pie is throwing him because he got well 🙂 Michael, I went through ten years of bullying, all day, every school day, so I know how you feel. But I am still here, despite how many times I came close to not being here anymore, and I believe that you can be, too. I know that I don’t know you, but I can tell that you are strong. May Celestia shine her light upon you! Love, Tiffi”

~I Will Guide You Through, by Kaitlyn T
“Your angel is always around to guide you through.”
~by SkyeHighArt
~Fluttershy and Angel, by Anonymous
~by Aubrie

“Hi Michael, My six year old daughter wanted to send you her best My Little Pony drawing. She hopes you love it. Her name is Aubrie and she and her friends (boy and girl) play my little ponies at recess everyday. She told me to write ‘get better! Every pony is pulling for you.’ -O’Donnell family, Columbus, OH”

~by Jeri and Sophia
~by Vance P
~Michael’s Friends, by Artbok_X
“All proceeds of these commissioned Ponies have gone to the Michael Morones Recovery Fund. You got friends in all the right places, buddy. Stay strong!”
~by Whitney
“Dear Michael, My name is Whitney and I also live in NC. I read about your story this week and it affected me so much I really wanted to do something for you. I painted this for you so that you will know that there are lots of people in this world who do care about you. I was also bullied in school when I was the same age as you for liking ponies and unicorns. It still hurts me when I think about being bullied, even though now I am 32 years old! But when I got older I was able to find people that really understood me and loved me for who I was. I still have lots of My Little Ponies, and although I don’t feel shame anymore sometimes I feel sad for people who can’t accept others beautiful differences. I hope that you will be able to grow up and find the people in your life that can love you for being you, and teach you to love yourself. I am hoping for the best for you, and sending your family thoughts of love and support in this difficult time. Get better soon!”
~by Leisa
~by buttscool
~by Lähteenmäki Sari K

“My 11 years old daughter made this for you Michael. Lots of love. Greetings from Finland.”

~by Ann Boymeetsboy Reviews

“For Michael with lots of love and hugs. You are not and you will never be alone.”

~by Jenni Z.

“Much love being sent to Michael from our family.”

~by Krysta F

“Hi Michael! My name is Krysta F. I am 21 years old. I’ve never been much into MLP but because of you I’ve been a dedicated viewer. My brother on the other hand is 18 years old and has love MLP forever! His name is David and he is my best friend. We both have gone through school being teased and mocked for our style and things we love. It has hurt us for many years, however as we grew up we continued to embrace our differences and we love who we are because of those differences! And we love you too for being such a unique and amazing person! This picture I made for you depicts me as a pony with a sparkle cutie mark because I think it best resembles my personality and the smaller pony is a representation of you with a lightening bolt as a cutie mark because you have set off a little spark in so many peoples hearts. I wish you the speediest recovery and I hope one day you will be able to completely embrace your brony self and never have to worry about what others think.”

~by Michi

“Many of us bronies are cheering for you, Michael! I’ve been bullied myself and it hurts so much. I almost quit at everything I loved just to stop it. Once I found out there were more people who were older then me that enjoyed the same things I stopped being really let down by kids who bullied me to. There are so many of us Michael, you’re never alone. Please remember that if you need support we’re here. Get well soon! c: -Your fellow brony, Michi”

~by Holly K. S
“Don’t question me when I say you’re epic… and even if you’ve found yourself in a place surrounded by cruel human beings, there are a whole bunch of them in this world who think you’re epic too! *hugs*”
~by Andrea L
~by Anna Christine S, age 7

[Translated from Portuguese w/ Google Translate]
“Dear Michael, I’m sending you a drawing of your little friends here from Brazil, they are also admirers of ponies and see nothing wrong with liking them, I’m still the English language, but I asked her to write at my e-mail and forward some drawings, today you get human ponies. Friendship really is magic. hope you get better soon, and get all the drawings, you are very important”
[Original message]
“Caro maichael, envio a você um desenho de uma amiguinha sua aqui do Brasil, Belém-PA, tabém é admiradora dos poneis e não vê nada de errado gostar deles, ainda estou a lingua inglesa, mas pedi para minha escrever pelo e-mail dela e encaminhar alguns desenhos, hoje voce recebe as poneis humanas. A amizade realmente é mágica Anna Christine Souza Santos, 7 anos espero que voce melhore logo, e receba todos os desenhos, você ´´e muito importante”

~by Yuki S
~by Anonymous
~by Rebecca R

“Get well soon Michael!! I’m 17 from England and I was bullied when I was your age. It may not feel like it will get any easier but time is a wonderful healer. Until then though stay strong! You have all of us Bronies and Pegasisters behind you all the way! I hope you wake up very soon!!”

~by Chloe

“Dear Michael, My name is Chloe and I am 7 years old. One of my best friends is a boy and he really loves My Little Pony. I hope you feel better soon! Love, Chloe”

~by Paolo S
“Michael this little pony is for you. I hope you get better pretty soon because River bend will be waiting for you. As for our school authorities this is a waking call to act severely against bullying. However, right now the most important thing is to hope and pray that Michael gets better soon. How many more?????”
~by Catherine D
~by Christopher F
~You’ll Always Have a Friend In Us, by Armorwing
~by Blue Rayne

“Hi Michael, my name is Blue Rayne (its a pseudonym for my artist identity) and I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you for how far you’ve come. I can only imagine how hard its been for you, being bullied really really sucks! When I went through school I was bullied a lot too, many times I would come home crying. I will say this though, it does get better and you do grow up and it does get easier to deal with nasty people. The sad reality of it is that there will always be mean and gross people, no matter where you go. However, they don’t matter. What they say and what they do means nothing because you are a awesome person. You’re smart, you’re courageous, you’re creative, you’re kind and you are important. Nothing anyone says will ever change that. I am rooting for you dear, I know you can pull through this and come out stronger than before. I love you much, even though I don’t know you from Adam, you are in my thoughts and prayers. P.S: My two pony OC’s, Worry Cloud and Rainy Night, say hi and that they love you too!”

~by Anonymous
“Get well Michael. We send our love to you. <3”
~by Elaina C

~by Makenna and Andie
“Wishing him a very speedy recovery!”


Lonely sweet one.
Thinks he’s weird,
He feels no fun.

He’s different and ashamed
To make things change
He’s just too creepy,
Its impossible to change.

But after the storm that
He thought would kill him,
Things changed for good
Into a happy blur.

He’s an idol to everyone,
An idol to me,
And I hope this will help you
To be happy.

He grew up into
A handsome stallion of glory,
But secretly, he never
Forgot his story.

He remembered his past,
But it is just a memory,
Because he knows he’s worth it, He’s got happiness to see.

Now he lives in a perfect balance
Of natural happiness,
He’s proud of his love,
Which loads are to shy to confess!

~by Hannah
“I’m 16 from England. I saw you’d tried to kill yourself, and it really broke my heart. Please, please get better. I was bullied for 5 years, I know how it feels. You don’t realise how precious you are. My Little Pony is actually lovely (I actually have a lot of them, and the annuals!). My favourite one is Rainbow Dash. I wrote you this poem for you, and I really really hope you get better. Don’t let this ruin your life. Have faith in yourself, I’m going to pray for you. I’ve been suicidal for years. And my promise to you, is that I will never kill myself. You are so precious to me, and I want to be alive to see you recovered and happy. I love you”

~by the Pony Friends
~by Diego S

“I’m a teacher, illustrator and visual arts student and I live in Brazil … My friends call me Izzy-BD or just Izzy. I identified a lot with the case of Michael Morones. In the late 80s and early 90s I also loved My Little Pony, I had just a single Pegasus pony named Skydancer first generation (he was yellow with horsehair in the colors of the rainbow) given by my parents. I also suffered with Bullying, cried a lot, did not want to go to my school, I attended for a long time psychologist who advised me that my parents change schools. But everything goes, I decided to accept my differences and develop and exercise my gifts and qualities as intelligence and my inclination for artistic side, it helped me a lot and eased many things. Today I have a modest collection, only the main characters of MLP FIM, realized my teenage dream of becoming a teacher of the arts by now I’m graduating as a visual artist. I’m hoping and praying a lot for improvement or until a miraculous healing of our buddy Michael so he like me to continue its dreams and one day you can realize them. Pray also for the parents of the little boy that should these desolate. I sincerely hope that the end of this story is happy as a late episode of a cartoon, as well as in episodes of MLP FIM, after all adventure or battle happy to return home. A big hug and thank you for the space. May God grant the grace of healing the little boy.”

~by Megan D
~by fluttershyyay
~by 爱拍kia
~by 东方幻弹章
~by 迷妮酱
~by Valerie T
~by Mackenzie B

“This drawing is unfinished, as are you Michael. You have so much life ahead of you waiting to be coloured in.”

~by liliioon
~by sky_psl
~by Ayla B
~by Diane A
~by Freddy M
“Always be yourself.”
~by Cuqio L

“Con cariño para Michael. (With love for Michael.)”

~by Angel M

“A ferocious demon pony because we could all use a protector now and then…”

~by Phoenix H

“My Grandmother wanted to design a pony for Michael. I helped her since it was on the computer. But she designed it herself. Enjoy Michael.”

~by Sara V
~by Pman
~by Jambrea G
~by Karen H
“When he gets out..we’ll go hiking!”
~by Thorny S
~by Phoenix H
~by Pamela P
~by Timmy
~You Are Loved, by RachelNicoleRay

“Michael, there is always Love out there for you, don’t lose hope! “

~by DerpyHornets

“Dear Michael, I hope you enjoy the picture of you and my pony, Devil Storm. I just wanted to say that it’s perfectly fine to like something. Showing who you are and what you like is way more important than pretending to be what others want you to be. Just remember the Brony community will always be here if you need anything or anyone to talk to. I hope you get well soon Michael!!! :D”


A bird in a gilded cage
Longing for unspoken freedom
Dreading darkness of night rages
Begins to fade
Singing loud the musical
Darkness has become dawn
Yet do you know why
This caged bird sings
Are his notes
Filled with sorrow and despair
Yearning for a frail branch
Bending once ‘neath him
No, for the

Brittle ebony branches are coming to life
Sweet magnolia perfume of spring
Ending his ruffling sobs
That were so loud so clear long ago
Breaking out of his ivory shell
O I can tell you why the caged bird sings
Holding fast to his bosom the dream
Of fluttering out the window
Carried by welcoming rays of sunshine
On the flight of tireless wings

Within a community of love and acceptance
No longer caged but free
Singing because once cruel
Bruising ended
Old scars are far away
On another distant hill
The narrow gilded cage
Sits empty by the window sill
For once he dared to be
A caged bird with a dream needing singing

~by Charlie D
“It is my deepest hope that Michael has a full recovery. We as a greater community, along with his family pray for the best. God’s speed to you and your family.”

~by Crystal T

~by Piper
“A small lullabye for Michael, that he might find a bit of peace in knowing that his fellow fans, friends, and the ponies (in this case Princess Luna!) are all on his side, and always will be.”

~by Courtney O

“Hey Michael! I hope you like the art I made for you! Sending you thoughts of positivity and healing!
Get well soon Brony! / )( \ *Brohoof*”

~by Flythruair

“Michael, Stay strong. There are many people all over the world who want to see you laugh and have adventures with Pinkie Pie! I made up a story about a colt named Comet (he doesn’t have a cutie mark yet) and his big brother Flythruair (I’m Flythruair by the way! In real life, I never had a little brother. But if I did, I’d want to help him). I hope one day I can send the story to you so that you can give me pointers because I don’t know a whole whole lot about ‘My Little Pony’ and need an expert like you to help! Get well superhero, Flythruair”

~The Magic of Friendship, by Kierra S

“Hey Micheal, I hope you know the brony army is with you and we will stand with you! Just know you are loved no matter what and we hope you get better!!!”

~Dashing, by Megan C

“Michael, I know what it’s like to be bullied for liking MLP: I’m 17 and proud to be a Brony. Unfortunately, there are people out there who will do all they can to make you feel awful. This drawing of Rainbow Dash is special to me; not just because she’s my favorite pony, but because she is loyal to her friends and is determined to get the job done. And just like RD, the Brony community will always be here for you and we will continue to be here for you until you make a full recovery. A few people may bring you down, but you’ve got a whole community behind you to back you up.
Stay strong Michael, and keep fighting. Sending all my brohoof’s your way.”

~by hollie

“Hey Micheal, i’m a 12yr old pegasister, and im in 7th grade, so we aren’t too far in the age gap.anyway i hope you get better soon, your story made me cry.and i everyday get made fun of because i like MLP:FIM too. but you just go stand tall and tell those bullies what you gotta tell em’.if they bother you again tell someone.it’s not good to keep things inside.we all understand your pain Micheal.you just gotta stand up for what you believe in.”

~by Victoria (KamenRiderGallifrey)

“When I first read the article about Michael I cried. No 11-year old should suffer like that. I know how it feels being bullied. I myself was a victim of bullying ever since thrd grade. I Found the You Will Rise Project page via Tumblr and i saw that you had an art section dedicated to Michael so I decided to ponify a character from my favorite japanese TV show called Kamen Rider. His name is Haruto Souma. He was the 2012 Kamen Rider named Wizard. He fought monsters called Phantoms who would drive people with magic potentional into despair to make new Phantoms. He used magic rings called Wizard Rings nad he always asked the Gates (the people with magic potential) “May I be your final hope” and that made me wonder “Can I be someone’s hope?” The answer is pretty much simple. “Yes I can”. By drawing this I will give Michael hope by drawing him this ponified version of Haruto. Michael is a prime example of a boy who isn’t afraid to show people what he loves. My deepest prayers goes to his mother and father.”

~by Alex S

“Hey Michael, Throughout my life I have had bullies think that they could defeat me with their words, but I’ve learned that those words don’t matter. The only thing that matters is the way you make yourself feel positive everyday (take time to evaluate the things/people you love). Anyone being severely bullied should say something; possibly to another person or through any kind of expression. Art has always been my safe haven. Don’t let negative words or people get in your way. There are more people who love you so dearly, than you think.”

The word untempered can be cruel and unkind
and those who suffer with beautiful minds.
Though now you might abandon hope,
seeking respite in darkness, unable to cope,
the world in fact loves who you are.
For you are the singular rising star.
Let this place of pain and loss stop here,
embrace this acceptance and drop away fear;
the ones you know and will never meet
in their hearts will safely you keep.
We disavow those bullying cries
and we tell you softly they speak lies.
You are one who can never be replaced.
You are wanted and welcome to fill your space.
Keep heart, do not compromise.
Hold fast, with hope, for you will rise.
~by Mason B
~Get Well Soon Michael, by Tiana H

“Michael I hope you get well soon. I know how you feel. Kids have been not nice to me before too. It’s okay to be different. People make fun of me for being small. I love My Little Pony too. Love, Tiana”

~by Anonymous
~by TheDarkDesert
~by Victoria
~by Jeanette M

“much love and healing thoughts and prayers to Michael and his family.”


I am eleven years old like you. Why would you want to commit suicide? You couldn’t be able to watch MLP anymore, silly! Don’t listen to your classmates, they may not know, but they WILL regret the mistake that they made, I promise! To be honest, when you feel a bit better, I would want to move to a different school with TRUE classmates. There is a girl at my school that is kind an outcast. But, she brings her toys and her electronics and other things to school. That is what keeps her from not moving to a different school: Being herself. To me, she is a very happy girl! You can’t get through life without excepting who you are. I know you have probably heard that, but think hard about that line. For seventh grade, my parents want me to go to a private school. I really don’t want to leave my friends, and I was worried that I might be the outcast when I go there. But, after reading your story, I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like my personality, that is the way I am going to act no matter what. I have been teased a ton in my life, to tell you the truth. I always stand up for myself or just ignore them. I do not do things that I am uncomfortable with. BE YOURSELF. IT’S OK TO BE DIFFERENT!!!
Your eleven-year old friend, Kelly

~by Kate

“Hi Michael! I have a huge My Little Pony collection and this is my real pony friend, Alvin. If he had a cutie mark, it would be an apple tree. He loves to eat apples right off of the tree and then you know what happens? He drools apple juice! We really hope to see you smiling again soon. Love Kate and Alvin :)”

~by Faith
~by Marco A, from Italy
~by Sivjo3
~by Wilhelm M, a proud brony

“get well Michael Morones and rember all bronys will help u out.. i been bullied to.. i know how u feel… u will get better…”

~Get Well Soon! by Doubt

“I have the support of Michael’s to write an illustration from Japan! I hope that the body will be well soon!”

~by Anonymous
“This is my OC, created just for this speacial young man. Micheal please know that there are tons of people out here who want you to come back and get better. I don’t know a whole lot about MLP:FIM, but I don know it’s an amazing show that teaches several good things. I’m proud that so many people have taken to it so happily. My Ponysona’s name is Ezio XIII. I named her that because I love the games AC and Kingdom Hearts. She is a pony who fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. Her favorite things are apples, pizza, books (especially manga) video games and helping people. She spends her days studying and her nights fighting off bad people. I’m sending her to you to help you know that the bullies who hurt you will no longer be able to hurt you. If you ever want to talk, or if someone tries to make you feel bad again. Just remember, everypony is special, unique, and loved. We all want you to be happy, so just be yourself!”
~by Anonymous
~by Lex
~Ami Seeker, by Sarah C

“Ami is my OC/ponysona, a kindhearted pony who likes being useful. Like me, Ami was bullied as a filly because she didn’t know how to talk to other ponies very well. Also like me, she found ponies who liked the same things she did; both of us are still learning how to make friends every single day. She knows about a lot of different things, because a lot of different things interest her. Her/my special talents are perfect pitch and knowing about words. (We should get along with Twilight just fine.)
…I refuse to stand by while a kid and his family suffer. Don’t give up, Michael! This isn’t what has to happen! Also, I have some songs that I think are appropriate. First is BlackGryph0n’s “Proud to Be a Brony“:  Fun, catchy, and very inspiring. Second, Forest Rain’s “Great To Be Different“: It’s amazing how two completely different songs can have the same message. Tears pretty much guaranteed. TT_TT”

~by Garland Gala
“with love”
~Michael Morones as a pony, by Arbok_X
~by Edith B
~by Christine S
~Kindred Spirit, by Anonymous

“Remember, a certain pony was bullied by others because she was different. But she’s the most loved pony now. Just like you are the most loved brony now.”


On this cold, snowy and blissful day
Surrounded by the sound of laughter as children play
I sit inside on my love seat all warm and snuggled
Perusing the internet to discover more of our worldly puzzle
Then I happened upon this heartfelt dedication
Through acts of kindness, compassion and determination
And the medium of art so beautifully utilized
That my own desire to contribute became realized
An innocent soul bullied and tormented
A little brony forced to be subjected
To ignorance, fear and the jealous nature
Of his peers who lack courage to be their soul’s bearer
To take part in the most exquisite of actions
The truth inside, our soul’s heartfelt expression
A yearning to enjoy and share our light with infinity
Casting aside the shackles of judgment to be truly free
I, too, have suffered,been devalued and diminished
Looked down upon and considered vile and worthless
Beaten and bloodied with threats upon my life
And the thoughts of suicide did emerge to end my strife
But I did not follow through with thoughts of another
Pain worse than mine and the face of a mother
So I swore to myself and the ever present ether
That I would never give up and surrender to the fear
That plagues humanity and divides every day
Because we are not honest with ourselves and are slaves
And we allow ourselves to be governed by eyes of scrutiny
As I stare boldly back, four words I say to thee
Let yourself be free
Let yourself be free
Recognize the beauty within
See that beauty in every person
To my little brony, Please continue to be
I am a 31 year old male and I like My Little Pony

~by Henny K
“I was bullied and beaten most of childhood and subjected to derogatory comments up until current times. It is my heartfelt wish and honor to submit this humble poem, so that Michael’s story of inspiration can be perpetuated.”

~Seth Michael O
~by Anonymous
~by Kathe

“This picture and message is for Michael so he knows he is never alone. Friendship is magic and I hope he sees some of the magic in his life now.”

~by Katarra

“Michael, You are brave for being yourself, I admire your bravery and I feel ashamed that I’m not as brave as you. I’m 14, I was bullied for drawing ponies and wearing buttons of ponies, but we need to remember to stay strong and ignore their cruel words and to Keep Calm and Brony On ! Stay strong Michael!”

~by Bia


Hey, Michael, how are you? I hope you’re doing much better. I want for you to remember something: you are not alone. You are a part of something so huge that it’s going to go down in animation history. It’s called The Herd, and it’s for Bronies like you.

It must be boring in that hospital, right? Here’s something for you to read while you rest. It’s a fan fiction dedicated to Lyra. Listen to this song, it really sets the mood.


The cabaret was not dark, but the light came from the energy of the ponies, including those who were onstage. There was no such thing as a bad performance. Every musical number was a delight. And you did not need to have any experience or knowledge of the spotlight to be a star. If you wanted to sing, you sang. If you wanted to dance, you danced. And tonight, the place was booked. Everyone was looking forward to the singing debut of the mare from Ponyville: Lyra Heartstrings!

“Oh, Bon-Bon, I don’t know if I can do this,” Lyra admitted backstage. The Unicorn gazed at her favorite Earth pony with a worried expression. “I’m scared.”

“You have nothing to be scared about!” Bon-Bon laughed. “You’ve been practicing for MONTHS now. That takes dedication!”

“No, no, it’s not that,” Lyra interrupted. “It’s…what I’m singing about.” She bit her lip. “What if they think I’m crazy? What if they laugh at me?” She sighed. “It’s just something so personal to me…”

“Hey, what was that one part of the song? ‘Maybe humans like us too and dress like us at Comic-Con’?” Bon-Bon smiled. “It gives you a lot to think about. And who cares what they think about you? I love you!” She gave her friend a gentle hug. “And hey, so what if it’s weird? We’re all weird!”

“She’s right,” a familiar voice added, and Lyra turned to see some more of her close friends. “Look at me,” Colgate continued. “I’m a pony who is obsessed with oral hygiene. Ponies give me strange looks every time I trot past them!”

“And everypony makes fun of my eyes,” Derpy said with a sheepish smile.

“You have beautiful eyes, Derpy,” Lyra smiled. “They’re amber, just like mine.” Derpy gave a shy smile back.

“And people laugh at me and Tavi because we’re roomies!” Vinyl cut in, throwing her arm around the Earth pony standing next to her.

“What have I told you about calling me that?” Octavia groaned. “And people don’t mind that we’re roommates…they think it’s odd that you clean your dishes with…wubs.”

“It’s the future!” Vinyl insisted, beaming. “Wub a dub-dub, muthabucka!”

Lyra sighed again, this time with relief. “You guys are the best,” she said to her friends, drawing them all in for a big group hug. And not five minutes later, she stepped onto the stage, practically glowing with excitement. And so she sang her song:

“Human beings fascinate me, being just the way they are. Tell me, little pony, can you push a cart or drive a car? Lyre is my instrument but humans strum their sweet guitar! It’s a mystery: anthropology! Fingers, toes and tiny noses, brownish hair and tannish skin! Would it be too much to ask to see the world they’re living in?”

The applause was thunderous, but the loudest cheers came backstage.

~by Lulu C

~All Together Now! by Karen
~by Sandra M

“Dear Michael, I am a Professor at Amazon region in Brazil. Some people say that I look like a local native, but in fact I am Japanese descent. I have sent you a picture of a green frog that we call Muiraquita. I grow up looking at this frog painted on the walls of my tiny city, wearing charms of this frog. There is a legend that Native warriors used to go to war wearing those frogs around their necks made their loved ones. The frogs protected the warriors through the battles helping them going back home. Michael, you are in a journey now, you may not know the way back, or you are very comfortable where you are. There are many mysteries that we may not know, but if you want to come back to your family and you are scared, do not worry, you have a guardian to protect you the way back. Do not be afraid of its red eyes, as white rabbits also have red ones. You are not alone. When you come back hold your mother and ask her to hold you back whenever you are afraid. Wake up, Michael. XOXOXO”

~You will rise, by Secretsnowdragon9999

“This is my OC pegasi Bristle. I’ve been bullied growing up and you must stay strong don’t let those bullies get to you. The more you ignore them the more stronger you become. I also wrote the poem on the artwork, but I don’t think it is considered a poem. Get well soon!”

~by Anonymous
~by Istilllikegamecubes
~by Lex C

“I used to draw My Little Ponies as Comissions. I think Michael would like these. :> Get well soon sweetie! I’d also like to point out one thing he might enjoy when he’s better, there’s an internet game similar to Neopets called Pony Island (ponyisland.net) which the creators made sure was child friendly (but supervision is a good idea.) You can also get a custom pony from various artisans that will repaint or modify a pony any way you’d like.”

~by Jenny S
~by Shannon
~by Karen H
~by Patrick Louis W
~by CR. G
~by LC. C
~by Claire M.
~by MtSnow – Vinczekovach
~by Darby M

“She survived her own bullying experience in middle school and has found close friends in high school. Our family wishes Michael’s family all the best!”

~by Toreno

“Greetings private Michael, we heard about your situation and couldn’t simply ignore a partner in need. Remember… people can be mean when they don’t understand something, but being different is not bad at all. Never stop being yourself and keep on smiling!”

~by Mariosuperfly
“Im a 16 year old brony. Be yourself.”
~by the Li Family
“Get better Sweet Boy!!!”
~DASH#1 cuff bracelet, by Amelia
~by Aura
~by Lily

“I also like to watch My Little Pony. It’s okay to be yourself. Sometimes I get bullied because I like boy things. What I like makes me me and that makes me awesome. You are awesome for who you are too.”


While you heal in your sleep
Caring people will not retreat
They are at your side
To change the raging tide

Art is made with the hands
Of those saying they understand
Supporting you in every way
Wanting you to stay

Your parents love is deep
And forever they will keep
Your wishes and your woes
Buried inside their souls

Your story is being told
And hopefully will unfold
Your body healed to stay
Stronger in every way

So Michael take the time
You need to be fine
Your loving spirit is warm
And never far from home

~by Lynn F

~by Electrobeat / Lilie L

“Get well soon! We all will be there for you, Bronys/Pegusisters for life! I am 11 myself. You are strong, hang in there.”

~by Nicky L from Malaysia

“On behalf of the Malaysian Bronies Society (MBS), we hope you get well soon.
We are all supporting you from the other side of the world.”

~by Sarah/pointycat

“Sending best wishes to you all, and my hopes that Michael will recover fully.”

~by Shan L
“DJ PON-3 sends you lots of wubs!”
~by Lindsey W

“Michael, I made this pony to watch over you. He is your champion! Anytime you are feeling down open up your heart and imagine him swooping down to rescue you. He needs a name though and he wants YOU to give it to him! There are SOO many people out there who LOVE the same things you do! Sure, a lot of girls like My Little Pony, but there are just as many boys and even MEN who like it! I’m a 30 year old woman and I absolutely love the show! It has very good stories and characters. Just because you have good taste in television, don’t let others bring you down! They are just afraid and intimidated by how awesome you are that you can be different and like whatever you want and be proud of it!”

~ShowPony, by Vandellous

“This is my High Horse named ShowPony. I made her so that whenever I have an opinion that I wish to express I have a High Horse to stand on. I take her with me when I am protesting. When I was younger, I used to feel alone and in so much pain. There were many times that I wanted to leave the world, to stop hurting. As I get older, the more friends I find who are just like me, and the more adventures I get to have. Sometimes I look around and cannot believe that this is my life! Suicide prevents the opportunity to make things get better. And they do!”

If I were a fish

I would be a Salmon

because I was born in the cold,

a small fry in a large pond,

living the life aquatic.

But freshwater dreams

Are risky things.

I am suited to salty tides,

For brackish water makes metal.

I naturally turn tail

to swim upstream

slipping past, and leaping fast

Only to submerge in the undertow.


if I don’t beat my body

at the current

I lack direction.

I navigate by instinct,

not a roadmap.

I define who I am,

growing teeth to be worthy of the ocean,

and swim across seas

to find a place

to call home.

And when I am broken, bloody, scarred

I will rest.

If that’s too much

then fuck it.

The world is so full of people

who gave up before they began.

The world is full of people

who don’t know who they are.

The world is full of people

who died before they lived.

If you don’t stand for something

you fall for anything.

If you don’t stand for something

you lie down and die

If I don’t stand for something

I’ll fall.

If I don’t stand for something

I will lie down,

in this shallow river,

turn my dull eye to the sun

and wait,

wait for the birds to come.


~Brackish, by Vandellous

~by Andy, Ray & Gareth from Bondi Beach in Sydney

“Be yourself always Michael, because there is a big wide world waiting for you to explore mate. Like Australia! You have a whole heap of friends now in Australia and although we are all the way down under, we love you and are proud of the fact that you have the courage to be yourself. Keep being you!”

~by Amber S
~by Geoffery B
~by Vance P
“For every smile that you show, another hundred will grow”
~by Juan G

“im an argentinian brony. im 28 and im gay so i know a thing or two about bullying. im really sorry for what has happened. But like the image says ‘Bronys stick together!!!!’ and we need you here Michael. U still need ur cutie mark! and we’ll discover it together! all of us we’ll be there!”

~by B.J. M

“Dear Michael, As someone who grew up differently from how society expected of me, I can say that I know what you must be going through. All I can really say is that life gets so much better as you grow older. You come to meet others who think similar to you, and enjoy the very same things you enjoy. You are beautiful just as you are because you chose who you are, not someone else. Stay unique, because in all actuality being normal is boring. Don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise. As both a digital artist and an active member of the scientific community, I present this piece of art I did using Photoshop CS6. There is no greater means of conveying how pointless and small hatred and bigotry are than by realizing how big the world really is. There’s so much more out there to see, experience, and be a part of. The world is lucky to have you. Good luck and live long!”

~Pirate Pie, by Christina B
“I bought a Pinkie Pie plushie from build-a-bear along with a spongebob pirate outfit. I had to resize the shirt to fit Pinkie, but I managed to turn her into what I will now title as ‘Pirate Pie'”
~by Sofia S

“I drew this on draw something 2 plus I really,really,really,really,really hope you feel better!”


“Being different can be hard during one young’s life. One can feel so lonely and isolated if one’s interests are shared with others. I know how it feels. But the world is much larger than what you can see, and out there is a world of people who can respect and love you no matter who you are and what you like. This Brony community heard about you and rallied to be right behind you, showing that you have more friends with much more in common than you know. When you get better, you will be welcomed back with open arms. There is so much love and kindness in the My Little Pony fanbase, and you should be proud of that. Kindness can change so much. We wish for you a speedy recovery, and do not forget that you have many friends to the ends of the earth that will be happy to see your smile again. Our prayers are with you, my friend.”

~by Shantel L

“Hang in there, little brony! Here’s a drawing of you as a colt with Pinkie Pie and Gummy throwing you a party.”

Dear Michael,

I heard about you hurting yourself a while ago, but I couldn’t think of a way to send a message to you before now. I’m sorry I didn’t know you before you got hurt because I have so many things I would have said to you. The first thing is when I was young I was you. I was a girl, and it was Star Trek, but in the end it was the same situation. I was picked on for being dyslexic and ADD, they didn’t know about ADHD then. The year I was diagnosed the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation came out. It had a man who was blind on it, and seeing him made the things I went through in school for being different easier. The problem was, like now, being interested in something like that meant you were a nerd, and there wasn’t much worse you could be other than LD.
I thought about the things you did. I hurt because all people could see was how I was different. It seemed to me that being normal meant you had to be mean, and I decided it was better to be strange. I’m sorry you had to know what that feels like. I’m sorry you didn’t know how they acted was what was strange, and how you saw things was what is normal.
I remember how alone I felt, because I thought no one else could understand. Even other kids in my program seemed to be better at making and keeping friends. I just didn’t understand what they did. Because of that I didn’t talk to anyone, I acted like I was fine and lied when people asked how my day was. When I got older I found out a lot of them felt the same way. When my mom found out as an adult she was angry because she wanted to be able to help. But I think you know that sometimes that can be hard to see, because all you feel is different.
Science fiction was thought to be a boy’s thing, and liking it was strange. Girls didn’t understand me, and I didn’t like them very much. I think you know how that feels too, because boys are expected to like some things and hate things meant for girls. They think that if a boy likes things grown-ups have said are for girls that the boy is gay. I know that isn’t true, because toys and shows aren’t just for boys or just for girls. And even if a kid were gay, that’s okay too, because I grew up and found out I was gay and I am no different than anyone else because of it. There are a lot of people in that part of my life who feel sad that things they are picked on were used to make you feel bad.
I’m sorry you had to hurt the way I did when I was young. I’m sorry you didn’t know how to say how you really felt. It can be hard when you’re that young with so many feelings you don’t understand. I hope you wake up and are okay. And if you do always love what you love. Please don’t let anyone ever tell you it isn’t right, or that something is meant for a girl and other things are meant for a boy. And if you ever feel so bad again I hope you know that even if you don’t know how to say it, you can always tell people you are sad for being treated like this.
And if you ever feel like no one ever knew how you felt please know you are wrong, because there are a lot of us who remember feeling different and wanting to see someone like us.


~by Erica C

~by Lynn
~by Anonymous

“I hope and pray that Michael can see this because I feel for him. He is an inspiration to all.”

~by Major T
~by Jen S
~by Alanna Butler G
~by Steven

Sometimes our light shines too bright.
Others try to tell us to put that light out of sight.
Sometimes “they” succeed in making us feel less and small.
Sometimes “they” make us feel like we are nothing at all.
There are others however who grow and nurture.
They teach us that it’s okay to be ourselves, we build the future.
The future where diversity is Loved and Cherished.
The future where hate speech and bullying have all but perished.
Until that future gets here, please stay strong.
You may not know it but we are all begging you to hold on.
~by Carrie Ann K
“For Michael, and for all those who suffer until they feel they can’t go on any longer.”

~by Terri H

“Friendships take many forms. May your body and heart heal soon Michael. Gather the people that you love most close to you and hang on tight. They will help you find your inner strength, and give you safe harbor as you grow, explore and learn to love and appreciate yourself. Some of us move through the world quietly, gently, with just a few really good friends to sustain us. There are people out there who are genuine, and who will love and appreciate you. Stay strong Michael!”

~by Allen K
~by Pegasister K
~My Little Brony, by Karl

“Though I do not know you or your family, I love you. Please Michael heal and be at peace. I cried when I read your story. I felt compelled to paint something for you as I have fond memories of My Little Pony. I never knew there were Bronies until you introduced them into my life and I am happier for knowing this. I call this painting ‘My little Brony’ because that is what you are! Get well soon!”

~by Kelly L
~by Mitchell M, from Ohio
~by Stephanie

“I’m a sixteen year old Brony and I’m friends with 18-22 year old Bronies, and they’re boys like you. Don’t let the bullies win. Know that there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with liking My Little Pony; the show is aimed at all ages and gender. And even if it wasn’t what’s it to anyone that you like something? It’s what makes you you. You’re not hurting anyone so it shouldn’t matter. Those bullies were probably bullied themselves at some point and were, unfortunately, taking it out on you. Or maybe they liked the show but weren’t allowed to watch it. Whatever the circumstance, remember what Fluttershy said, “Everyone just needs to be shown a little bit of kindness.” When you go back to school, show them that their words don’t bother you and try to show them kindness. And if that doesn’t work, then, I know it’ll be difficult, ignore them. But please, don’t ever attempt to take your life again. Live your life. Be happy with your life and who you are. Cultivate your talents and try to find your one true talent like the Cutie Mark Crusaders and follow your dreams.”

~by Sammi
~by Carly S

“Don’t let the dark side of others affect your brightness. Hope this picture of Rainbow Bright brings a smile to your face. Best wishes.”

~by Whitelupine from Michigan

“Get well and remember, Bronies are never alone”

~by Dan

“Hey Michael. I can not draw very well…or at all for that matter but sometimes I get pretty lucky with taking pictures so I thought I would send you some nice pictures. I hope you will get well soon and can return to the active world. Never let anyone tell you what you can and can not like! Ever! You like the show…and so do millions of other people and nobody has the right to tell you you can’t like it because its a “little girls show”. Next time somebody tries to tell you that tell them that your friend Dan from Ohio is a grown firefighter and paramedic and he watches the show at the firehouse with his brothers and sisters in the service. How is that for a “little girls show”? Once you are all better and if you ever get to come to southwest Ohio let me know and you can come visit us at the firehouse and we go for a ride with the Truck. Take care and I hope to see you up and about soon.”


~Hope, by MandoPony (Standing Leaf Theme)
“When life is harsh and you feel crushed, you can still find that quiet place inside you, where is hiding that spark of hope, just waiting to be grabbed and make you fly.”

~by Alex S
“A stylized rainbow M and pony’s tails.”
~Flowers for Michael, by Didi L
“Get well soon.”
~Connie B
~Sara G

“You have more friends than you know. Get well soon, Michael!”

~by Joseph
~by Anya R from New Zealand

“The ponies are jumping on the trampoline and having fun. I hope Michael gets to do that again really soon because having fun makes everything better.”

~by Jasper

“It doesn’t matter what you like. It just matters that you like something”

~by Janet S
~by Stefania L
~by Megan Y
~by Bridgette Brittany D
~by Frankie

“Hey there! This is my OC Frankie NightFire. My name is Frankie and I’m 14(almost 15) and I’m obsessed with MLP. I’ve been in the same position as Michael has. I made it through and I hope Michael does to! It’s a scary position to be in and I just wish I could give him a hug and tell him that there is going to be brighter days. Please send my love and wishes to him and his family!
Love from Frankie <3″

~by Nimaru
~by Elppa from Africa

“Michael, you have supporters from all over the world standing behind you all the way, never forget that! So there will always be people that will help you out when you need them!”

~Brohoof, by Anonymous

“You rest and recover, little colt. Prince Rogue Storm will be waiting for you when you wake up.”

~Pinkie Pie for Michael Morones, by Charles H (Cdot284)
~Loud and Proud, by Jay R
~Everypony has got your back, by Laura Elisa G

“As a fellow member of this wonderful fandom and a bullying victim myself during my middle school years, there’s nothing more that I would love but to be able to reach out to you and reassure you that everything will become better, that bullies might come but they will end up going away while the love from your family and those who understand you will always remain. Please get well soon and wake up so that you can once again enjoy the marvels of life (including ponies, lots of ponies, because they’re awesome!). Brohoof from Mexico!”

~Noah A
~by Carly D

“I hope you get well soon. Don’t let others bring you down. Be who you are, no matter what. If you can’t be you, who can be?”

~Patti D
~i hope you feel better soon, by Anonymous
~by Johanna R

“Thoughts and prayers all the way from New Zealand and hoping for a swift recovery. Don’t let those bullies win Michael, stay true to yourself and be the amazing person you always dreamed of being. Kia K (find strength within).”

~Comfort for Michael, by Sam O

“This picture was made to show my hope for his recovery. I appear in “Pony-sona” to hold him while he heals.”

~Giyongchy R
~AK. P
~Christine S
~Jaime S
~by Austin

When people are mean, it can be really tough.
But here’s something to remember when life is rough:
You’re spectacular, amazing, someone to be proud of.
These things are true no matter what you love.
We really hope you stick around and play to your own tune,
So stay strong, stay awesome and get well soon.

~It Gets Better, by Jenni
~Lindsey W
~You Have A Lot of Friends, by Diana C
~by Felicia W

“I have never met you, but I know that you are a wonderful, amazing young man. Never, ever let people put you down or bully you. You can love whatever you’d like and be proud of it! Just look at all of the new friends you have made, myself included. We support you and love you for who you are and nothing will change that. I hope you get better soon so you can go on more amazing adventures and make tons more friends! You have so many new brothers and sisters now, watching over you, and so will I. Keep smiling! All my love, Felicia”

~by Spencer
“Hey, Michael. I can’t draw, so I decided to do the next best thing. Hang in there, buddy. There’s nothing wrong with loving My Little Pony, no matter who you are.”
~I’ll Watch Your Dreams, by ladyjessien
~Get Well Soon, by Luke V
~For Michael Morones, by Astringe
“Michael, don’t give up. Everyone here is cheering for you and wishing you a complete recovery. Our hearts go out to you and your family.”
~by René K
“I am compelled to apologize for every wrong thing said to him. 11 years old is way too young to be having these feelings and I am truly sorry he has had to go through this. And all of you as well! We hope that one day, this intolerance of other’s views and opinions will stop.”
~by Linda R
“Michael, I’m hoping that you too will find your way back home.”
~by Stephanie (Tischendorf) J

“May you blossom and grow into the man you were meant to be. You are wonderfully special and unique just the way you are. Sending you love and support. Get well soon!”

~Michael Morones OC Best Pony Award, by ShikariSPEEDER

~Michael Morones OC Pointy Pony, by ShikariSPEEDER

~Michael Morones OC Poster, by ShikariSPEEDER

~Michaellicious OC Poster, by ShikariSPEEDER

~Get Well Soon, by 圣夜W幻麟2
~Stop Bullying, by ojamajomary from China
~Bless for you, by Love M from China
~Elements with you, by BLADEphoenix
~Get Well Michael, by 木木de芽芽 from China
~We are here for you Michael, by 冰幻雪爱 from China
~We hope you will get well soon Michael, by Beautiful Voice(亚小哥) from China

~Michael Get Better, by 落雪寒绯 from China

~by Lisa P
“I hope my words will help you and your family in the years to come. This is my opinion on bullying and friendships. My wish is for you to find the tools of strength in who you are. This will take time and outside help because you are very young still. People who tease you about your passions, tastes, family or origin and choice of friends aren’t worth your time or attention. These kind of people don’t know how to be real friends to their own friends. These superficial people tend to vanish out of their friends lives when the going gets tough for the friend in question. So what if you like My Little Pony. My older son loved and collected MLP’s at your age too. Both of my kiddos are adults living on their own now. Both have many passions. Both of my kids love art as an expression in its many different forms. My older son is into visual arts, he is a painter and photographer in his spare time. My younger son is into performing arts, he is a musician in his spare time. You will learn and experience things as you grow up. With outside help you will develop ways to deal/cope with the ass hats in your life. Your true friends are people who love you for who you are, quirks and all. I promise you that these friends are out there if you take the risk and time and reach out. Be PERSISTENT! You will have to show people that you care and make the first move to do for them. This is how it works in life. It may take time, A LOT OF TIME to find and develop these friendships but that is completely normal and par for the course. It may take an unpleasant or horrible life changing event to find out who your real friends are. DO NOT let what other people think determine what you like or your course in life. I mean there are bounds of what is legal and healthy that you have to stay in but other than that, don’t let people choose your way of life for you. In the end all you have is yourself to count on. It is a better journey thru life if you like and respect yourself along the way.

~by LovelyDragoness


Under the starry night sky,
a rainbow spotlights
each one-of-a-kind stage.

Just like us, every star
is assigned a unique dance,
unlike any other.

None of which are unblemished
or perfectly symmetrical.
For it is our flaws that
paint a more stunning canvas.

And souls that stand out from the rest,
well, those are the most special-
the bravest of them all.

~For Michael, the Bravest Star, by Jeana M
“I’ve been teaching special education for over 11 years, and I consider myself a strong advocate for children and families. Michael’s story tugs at my heart strings. I’m not much of a poet, but I wrote a little something to honor and support him. You know, there’s a reason he is still with us. He’s a courageous fighter. Michael will never leave my thoughts and heart.”

~You are Amazing, by Meg C
“If you love something and it doesn’t hurt anyone, no has any right to take it away from you.”

~by Emi-chan

I knew something was up when I walked into the room and Brad shut off the TV instantly.

“What you watching?” I asked, wondering why he had that look on his face.

“Nothing.” he answered quickly. “The game.” he added quickly. “I mean nothing but the game.”

Even I knew that was a lame answer.

“Seriously.” I said smiling at what had to be a joke. “What you watching?”

“Nothing.” he snapped, not looking me in the eyes.

I reached for the remote and he pulled his hand back. I looked at him in relative shock. “Brad, come on. What were you watching?”

“I said nothing.” he said sounding almost pleading. When he saw I wasn’t going to drop it he almost shuddered. “Please Kyle, don’t make me tell you.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed, completely shocked by his behavior. “What is wrong?” I asked, not remembering ever seeing him this shaken up before. “Since when can’t you tell me something?”

“You’re going to laugh at me.” he finally said in a small voice.

“Probably but in my defense I spend a lot of time laughing at you so that’s not really a fair statement is it?” It was a joke but I could see he was in no mood to laugh right now. “Ok, no laughing. I promise.”

He sat there for a series of very long seconds like he was still wondering if there was a way to get out of this or not. I ducked down so I could meet his eyes. “Brad, talk to me.”

Sighing he pointed the remote at the TV and it came on.

A trio of cartoon ponies danced across the screen as they danced in a circle.

I looked over at Brad and he looked like he was going to cry.

“So you’re watching cartoons.” I said still not getting it. “I do that all the time.”

He looked up at me, his mouth half open. “Yeah but it’s…I mean you’re not going to say it’s a girls cartoon?”

I looked over at the screen and then back to him. “Um, are there girl and boy cartoons? Because I never understood that at all. Jennifer likes Ben 10 way more than I do and I know for a fact Sammy hates anything that has singing it. Personally I love Foster’s Home for Imaginary Creatures and Powerpuff Girls but what do I know?”

He just continued to stare at me for almost a minute. “You really don’t think it’s weird I watch this?”

I shrugged. “I think it’s weird you wear tight pants and chase a ball around a field for hours at a time, this is the most normal thing I’ve seen you do yet.”

Without warning he dropped the remote, reached over and pulled me into a huge hug, I hugged him back, still not sure what the big deal was. “I was terrified you’d think I was weird or make fun of me.”

“You did?” I said hugging him back. “Have we met?”

He pulled back and I could see a swelling of emotion on his face. “I have been so terrified people would find out I’m a Brony and just tease me endlessly.”

I laughed despite the seriousness of his statement. He gave me a look and I tried to control myself. “Dude people are going to laugh at us no matter what we do. I mean look at you, you’re a baseball player, drive a new mustang and before you kissed me was the most popular guy in Foster. Now you’re just the guy Kyle turned gay. People laugh at people all the time, why would you ever let that change the way you want to live? You like a cartoon? Like it, screw them. People suck, you can’t allow them to change your life. Seriously Brad, you can’t let something like this ruin your life.”

“What in the world did I do to deserve you?” he said after a couple of seconds.

I shrugged again and leaned back into him. “No idea, but while you try to figure it out, tell me who is who and what’s going on.”

“You’re going to watch it with me?” he asked grabbing the remote again.

“Hell yeah.” I said taking it from him and turning it on. “Bring on the ponies!”

As the show came back from commercial Brad began to explain. “Ok, that’s Twilight Sparkle, she is a complete badass.”

I nodded as I began to take notes.

Turns out, was a pretty epic show.

~by John G, featuring characters from his novel Tales From Foster High

~by Tara

~by Kari H

~by John G
“Super heroes come in all sizes and colors.”

~Michael and Twilight, by MoMo(忘得了记不起) from China

~Michael and Princess Celestia, by Penciltop(流星之虎) from China

~Twilight and Michael, by 甜丝丝A from China

~Michael Get Well, by Star_cecc(星星) from China

~by Tammy P
“Michael, I just wanted to share this picture with you of this little Cardinal. He seems to be saying he hopes you are feeling better now.”

~Get Well Soon, Michael! by Matt G

~MLP End Bullying Campaign Posters: Mane Six, by Hannah R. T. (princessofdestiny114)
“I created this poster as a reminder that MLP: FiM is about magical friendship, and that friendship conquers all in the FiM universe, and together we can conquer cruelty like this. No 11 year old should EVER feel like death is the only way out. No one at all should feel that way but ESPECIALLY not someone who is still a child.”

~by Hannah M

~by Katherine M

~As soon as you get better! by DarkLecramo

~by Meredith Davidson-K
“I take pictures here and there. This is my backyard and I manipulated the picture with overlays. It’s something I love to do. I hope it puts a smile on some faces”

~by Anthony P. D

~by Theo F

~by Karin from Germany
“My heart goes out to little Michael and his family. What a world are we living in where kids can’t be kids how they want to be. I hope he will be healthy again. Everyone needs a pony”


The winter sky’s steely grey sheen, bloated clouds of black rolling turbulence, and frozen air sweep through fields of frozen ground. The earth, long passed the time when the farmer harvested his crops, is unmoving and unrelenting to the feet that tread upon it. To the naked eye, to the untrained observer, the world looks bathed in dismal misery. Even the brightly painted barn that houses the farmer’s animals, who lay close and quiet, is a melancholy affair. The red of the barn which blasts through the senses during a sunny day, is subdued and quiet.

But now, as the stillness deepens, and the skies above open up with the first dusting of snow, a miracle happens with each individual snowflake that catches the breeze and descends to the earth. To the trained eye, the miracle is obvious as we focus on just one of these flakes slowly making its way through the atmosphere. Far away, it’s unremarkable, yet up close, its very design separates it from all the millions of others. Like a fingerprint, the design is far more delicate than the spider’s web as it tumbles earthward to bath the world below in a blanket of white.

Like the threads of a Persian carpet in the tent of some Arab Prince, each flake has a purpose in a grander design. It will join the chorus of its brethren, in a gospel of life, its individuality contributing to a greater purpose. This individual flake will eventually melt into the ground upon where it rests, but the single drop of water may rejuvenate the ground for the spring planting. It may travel down and join others in a low creek only to engorge it with water so the trout may run and where the fox comes to drink. As the sun makes its eventual reappearance, it may evaporate quickly into the sky once more to become the spring storm that bathes a parched and arid place to bring life once more to the trees and the fields.

The world is not homogenous. Oh no, quite the opposite. To the trained eye, in this frozen field, each specie of bird, tree, and blade of grass shows that different is necessary. Different simply must be. The world needs it to continue on. It simply has to be. This wise individual observer sees the vast painting, this colorful, and very much alive world around him and would be struck breathless with wonder…

That’s why people like you Michael, are important. The world needs to see, and the human race needs to see, that you have a purpose, a design, to move us ever forward. You are that thread, that single snowflake while so small, so gentle, and unassuming will make us whole, feeds us, and in the end, grant us our salvation.

~Salvation, by F.E. F

~by Kari H
“Origami cranes have come to symbolize hope and healing in Japan.”

~Get Well Soon, Michael Morones, by Anonymous

~Please get well, Michael. I want to see you smile. by Allonso B

~Bless you, by LUciferAmon

~Super Michael, by Z101rocks

~Element of Laughter, by LlamaBee


My friend, your love for the simplicity of life should not be displayed in shame, for it takes a real man to bear this honor. The world that we know is blackened by the ashes of humanity, whether children or adults, troubles are all around. You must not forget though, beyond that lies big adventures as your world opens up for each year you progress, and the friendships you have are more than just magic. It’s going to be tons of fun, but remember my friend you need to remain faithful and strong. There will be others out there that wish for you to just be a snipe and flutter away, but don’t be shy, multiply. You need to be my little warrior, growing in strength, growing in numbers, but rather in the act of revenge, you act through kindness, shared throughout your life. What starts out as a mere pony becomes an ironclad steed. I know you made the mistake of giving up, but remember, you can still open your eyes to what will soon be those summer skies. My name is Darion, and I want to let you know, this 20 year old writer loves those technicolor gals, similar to how beyond that magic, I love my little girlfriend. Remember Michael, you are not alone, show the world that you have not given up, 27 pills later I almost had, but I survived, and so can you. Michael, write back when you can, never let that sparkle in your eyes go out, sparkle like the intensity of the morning sun.

~Michael M., by DarionLoves

~Get Well Dear Michael, by Lordyanyu(严俞)
“With the magic and the love of Twilight,Fluttershy and other kind ponies, Michael will soon get well.”

~Hope you get better soon Michael, by Kiremaru

~Musical Michael, by Nstone53

~by Jase M

~Michael, When You Wake Up… by Christina B (lydiajuice)
“We’ll be waiting for your smile. So since Michael Morones loves Pinkie Pie and pirates from what I’ve gathered, I decided to add them together. I tried to draw this in a way where he’s dreaming that he’s a pirate and Pinkie Pie comes down and holds one of his arms, telling him that everyone who is cheering him on will be waiting for him to wake up and smile again. To top it off, she made a Pinkie Promise, and you know how she feels when one of those are broken.”

~Spreading Love and Happiness for Michael Morones, by Galifly

~Michael Morones, by TwilightSparkle2000

~Get Better soon Michael. by Greg

~Applejack, by LadyNanaki

~Stay Awake, by Silver Songwriter

~Hopeful Recovery, by Captain64

~by Dash

~Don’t Give Up! by MissMagicalWolf

~To: Michael Morones, by nightmarezodiacstar

~Get well soon, Michael, by iguana14

~Beauty in the dark, by Marlinda

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