First of all, we’re honored that you’re interested in sharing your work with us. The main goal of this project is to show people that even when bullies try to take it away, you still have a voice. Art can be very healing, and a powerful way of communicating with others who may find themselves in similar circumstances. So thank you for being brave enough to speak out and join our artistic community.

We are looking for artwork (any medium — paintings, drawings, comics, sculpture, performance), stories (500 words or less), poetry, song lyrics, videos, or any other creative expressions that represent some aspect of your experience with bullies. We ask only that you be truthful and real. No corrections or alterations will be made to your work.

We believe that hurtful experiences can become inspiration for powerful works of art, and whether you’ve been practicing your craft for years or picking up a paintbrush for the first time, we look forward to seeing and sharing your story. By inviting others to view your work, you are helping demonstrate that they aren’t alone. We couldn’t do this without you!

Please read the guidelines below to make sure your submission is complete, and then e-mail it to us at


Please include the following information in your e-mail:

• Use “You Will Rise submission” as the subject line.
• Indicate if you would like the work credited to your name or “Anonymous”
• The title of your work
• Description, if you would like to explain the meaning of your work
• Link to your website/blog if you would like it included

If your art piece is a video file, upload it to YouTube and send us a link.

Send this information and your attached/linked submission to We will contact you to let you know we received your submission. On average, we post one submission per day. If your work is selected for publication on the site, we will contact you again with the link to your post so you can share it with others to spread the word about your accomplishment.

All writings submitted must be the original work of the submitter or be used with the explicit permission of a credited writer.

Your submission email constitutes that you are the owner of the work submitted, and it automatically becomes your consent for its usage on the “You Will Rise Project” website and its possible usage on other blogs, websites, or promotional materials linking to this site. The “You Will Rise Project” reserves the right to publish your work at our discretion.