BROKEN SPIRIT, by Maia de la Lune

Broken spirit ‘neath the stars 
Hiding in an angel’s wings 
Empty words and broken hearts 
Surrounded me with lonely things. 
Sunlit glory rise again 
Shine upon a child’s face 
Reminisce the days of old 
Guardian of time and space.
Broken spirit torn apart 
Underneath a sky of blue 
Drowning in my fears and sorrows 
Praying to know what to do. 
Bask again in warmth of fire 
The sky a gentle golden sea 
Forget the sorrow time inflicted 
Play forever and be free
Broken spirit bleeds inside 
Sitting in an empty space 
Watching darkened moon at night 
Tears are streaming down my face 
Velvet carpets of green grass 
Love lies beneath my bleeding feet 
Drown no more in fear and anger 
Live to elemental beat
~Broken Spirit, by Maia de la Lune
“This piece was a recollection of the anger and despair I felt while being bullied when I was younger, but also the faith I had and how my faith gave me hope that one day things would improve, and me looking at the fact that things have improved. I learnt the hard way not to depend on other people’s opinions of me and to define myself not by who they saw but by who I wanted to be, who I was hiding. I think that this poem was also my way of saying to the bullies ‘you can’t hurt me anymore’ and also letting go of the taunts that had stayed with me, the memories of being pushed around or ignored, having my lunch stolen and being called names. It was through my writing I learnt to express how the bullying made me feel and through my writing I learnt to let go of the anger, sorrow and pain that had been pent up inside me.”

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