WHY? by Anonymous

Why am I ashamed of myself?
Why do I want to be somebody?
Why am I still here?
Why do I still go to school there?


Why can’t I fit in?
Why can’t people accept me for who I am?
Why are people calling me names?
Why do I feel like I’m burning in flames?

Why am I alone?
Why does it feel like my heart has been sewn?
Why am I in the dark?
Why can’t life be a stroll in the park?

Why is life a big lie?
Why do I fell like saying goodbye?
Why am I holding a knife?
Why did I sacrifice my life?

~Why? by Anonymous
“This is how people feel and act when someone bullies them. I think we need to put an end to this. Almost half of the kids who died, committed suicide because of bullying. What we need to remember is that we have as much power as they do, we have more logic than them too. We can rise against them. We can do anything as long as we believe in ourselves. You are not alone. Over a million kids are rising against Bullies. It’s time for you and me to do the same.”

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