~Stop the Bullying, by Jenya
“My submission is about stopping the bullying, encouraging children to step forward and ask for help. Growing up, I saw this quite often and it’s heartbreaking. No one deserves it, and no one should have to put up with it. Together, I think we can put an end to it.
“Bullying can happen at any age and place. My five year old son was bullied recently. He was teased to the point he cried, that just edged the bully on more. His favorite toy broken, and even a punch to the face. This is unacceptable, and no child should have to go through this.”

2 thoughts on “STOP THE BULLYING, by Jenya”

  1. A very intense work …The whole world (I interpret the round form of the object as the globe / the Earth) is full of people who need help. as they are being bullied (and they speak out in your work here), but it is also full of things that can be said and done to help! Victims and those who can offer support and help are so close together!It's only if those who could help deliberately turn the blind eye, that victims are being left alone in their distress, and opportunities how help can happen are being not seen and realized.Bullying is not only a massive (and life threatening) problem for the victims – Bullying is a constant challenge to all of us who are not being bullied (and are no bullies, either), to live up to our responsibility and care for others if they need us!The more help together in this, the easier it gets. And this is possible, because:There are many victims out there.And, yes, bullies are numerous.But all the others, who are neither victim nor perpetrator – their number is legion!Anyone out there: You do the math.

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