PURPLE, by Anonymous

~Purple, by Anonymous
The color purple really needed to be represented today


I was bullied by nearly my ENTIRE class for being bisexual I cried at lunch because of it..

They called me these following things: a disgrace to the world, a freak, a sinner, disgusting, and they told me I had no place

It was hard trying not to cry the entire day, but I held it back.. My 2 bisexual friends held me during lunch and told me everything would be alright.. that I just have to ignore them..

They dont know how hard it is what I get taunted with 24/7 

On my dads side of the family Im basically shunned. Only 3 people on the side of the family talk to me THATS It..

When I got home today, I cried some more, shaking, so I called my girlfriend.. she asked what was wrong and I told her, and she got pretty mad We hung up, and I just kept crying. My cousin came in and cheered me up, but on the inside Im dead to the heart. 

It hurts knowing that.. I may face that again tomorrow It is just disheartening..

I thought of killing myself (another attempt that is..) and.. Im not..because I know there is my gf, and friends that love me for me

Thats pretty much the story.

2 thoughts on “PURPLE, by Anonymous”

  1. So very sad. Things will get better if you believe and start to change things for yourself. Don't rely on others, sometimes they let you down without meaning too! It's all up to you. Know that you are stronger because of what you've been through and follow your dream.~Rita

  2. Hang in there sister. You are not alone. Be brave and ask for help. Ask a family member that you say is still connected to you maybe. or a friend- that you trust. School? also, you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)! Keep writing about it here.

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