INVISIBLE, by Emily C.

So honestly.
You don’t even see me.
Invisible. Plagues my life. Plagues my mind. Plagues my soul.
Don’t think.
Just speak.
Hurt her feelings.
Watch her die.
Let the bullies win again.
Let her lose her life. Her family. Her friends.
Because you speak.
Because you hear.
But you don’t see.
You can have perfect vision.
And never notice the girl in the back of the class.
She notices you.
She sees you.
She wishes. She hopes. She dreams.
But you still don’t see.
Only the invisible’s can see other invisible’s.
Only the bright can see the bright.
Only the blind can see the blind.
But you still don’t see.
You’re not blind.
You’re not deaf.
You’re not stupid.
You’re ignorant.
~Invisible, by Emily C.
This is a piece about silent bullying, bullying isn’t just calling someone fat, or ugly, or gay. It’s also ignoring someone, treating them like cellophane, and making them lose all hope in themselves. We can help. Only us, the one’s who give a damn, can help.”

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