WITNESS, by o0spedshal0o

You sit at your desk, not a care in the world. You have a great life, with friends who love you, a nice girl/boyfriend, amazing grades. Finishing your paper, you look over at the kid next to you and frown, your thought process beginning. What re they like? Are they perfect too? you wonder, not choosing your words carefully. You continue to stare, thinking, but you don’t see the other half of the person. A scar under their eye, a bruise on the outside of their arm. This side is not facing you. The bell rings. You pack up your stuff to go, glancing at the kid again, staring at their suspicious bruises. They rush out. You follow. A tough-looking boy walks up, shoving them down. You want to say something, but you can’t find the words. The bully starts to kick them, calling them names. Finally working the lump from your throat, you shake, raising your voice. The bully turns to you, the victim bleeding. Everyone is laughing at the kid. Holding out your hand, you help them up as a teacher walks by. The bully is escorted to the office, awaiting punishment.


You are escorted too, as a witness.

~Witness, by o0spedshal0o
This was based on an experience in 5th grade.
No, I didn’t have a boyfriend, or perfect grades. But I did watch someone be bullied. And they did bleed. Normally, I would’ve laughed, if it were some goofy accident that wouldn’t happen again. But laughing felt wrong there, and I couldn’t watch this kid suffer. So I stood up for the kid. I’m glad I did. Don’t just stand back, speak up. End bullying, and don’t let people be douchbags to you.”

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