ALL I AM, by Robin Renée

Musician Robin Renée  is donating 20% of the proceeds from her new single, All I Am, to the You Will Rise Project! Download the song for $0.99 HERE.

I’m gonna be All I Am
If it feels good once gonna do it again
Listen to me, earth child, woman & man
I’m gonna be All I Am

I got a friend just over the New York line
Said “If you rock too hard, no one’ll see your spirit shine”
Heart full of love and a monochrome mind
He’s not much for fashion and he lives in a shrine
I knew that day I had to prove him wrong
Gonna sing the quiet and the crazy song


When I was in school not everybody played nice
I knew a girl with equal parts evil and ice
Drew white chalk lines on the blacktop and her words were concise
One color was a virtue and the other a vice
I had to get to the roots of my family tree
‘Cause black & white all over’s gotta be all right with me


I’m gonna bow in the temple gonna try to live simple
Gonna flash the neighbors, gonna do a few favors
Gonna play guitar, be a little bit bizarre
Gonna cry for the planet, gonna change the world, dammit

I gave my lover a red stone ring
He’s got a box of letters from a grey-eyed fling
He reads her words, and while he’s answering
I’m gonna dance on the shore for the rites of spring
You know I dig her & he loves me
We all do our best when we’re solid and free


This song’s for you if you like sun dresses and jeans
East Coast, West Coast, multiple scenes
To every soul surfing on the in-betweens
Sing I’m gonna be All I Am!

-Chorus – Club chick Friday, Scientific Saturday
Gonna be All I Am
Sex kitten Sunday, Downward Dog Monday
I’m gonna be All I Am

~All I Am
words and music by Robin Renée
(C)(P) 2013 Menage a Music (BMI)

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